How SOS is providing support in Ukraine

SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine are implementing an emergency response programme focused on three activities: 


  • The first activity focuses on working with families and children we have worked with in the past. We currently have regular programmes in Kyiv and Luhansk, covering 3 foster families with 21 children in the Kyiv programme, and 7 foster families with 23 children in the Luhansk region.


  • The second activity consists on working with other partners,  who we support to reach more people who need basic goods such as food, water, hygiene products, and medication, providing cash or vouchers. As of the 15th of March we had reached more than 600 families. We expect to hear about how these families are getting on in the next few days.


  • The third activity is SOS Children’s Villages co-workers working in local social services to help people locally. We are also planning to help Internally Displaced People (IDPs, which is people forced to flee their homes but who haven’t left the country) to get governmental social support, like counselling or financial support.
“Everybody is doing an amazing job despite the difficult conditions"
Julian Erjautz Emergency Response Advisor

Statement from Julian Erjautz, Emergency Response Advisor

“The most urgent response is the quick and simple one, providing life-saving measures inside Ukraine. Providing basic goods such as food, water, hygiene goods, and medications, through cash and vouchers in the Donbass region we’ve supported hundreds of people in this part of Ukraine that is one of the hardest hit regions.

“We are also seeing emergency efforts in many of our SOS partners all over Europe, where we work to provide the safety people fleeing the war urgently need.”


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