Celebrating International Youth Day 2021 with FactSet in the Philippines

In celebration of International Youth Day, we want to highlight the amazing youth-centred work done in partnership with FactSet. Here we hear from a young participant, Dhisnie, on the challenges of the pandemic and her thoughts on the partnership with FactSet. Dhsinie is a student in Hospitality Management from SOS Children’s Village Bataan.


The pandemic has been hard on everyone and getting used to a new way of living comes with its challenges. Despite the huge impacts that COVID-19 has had, our classes have continued through online platforms. The transition to online learning has been managed well by schools and universities, and they’ve really helped students cope with the new lesson format.

I am thankful that there are people who continuously support me with my studies. But I have also faced challenges. At times I have lost interest and motivation, which affected my mental health. During the days I felt good but at the end of the day I would find myself crying without knowing why. Sometimes I struggled to cope with school and questioned my worth and my ability to do the best that I can. Mental health issues should never be ignored, and people should always get the help that they need. It took me a long time, but eventually I figured out how to cope with my own mental health issues and learned to always look for the brighter days ahead. I think of my three siblings and remind myself that I want to be a role model to them and all the children that work with SOS Children’s Villages.

Although online classes are continuing, there are still issues that we must overcome. Internet connection, or lack of it, is one of the biggest challenges to our learning. The SOS partnership with FactSet has been so helpful in overcoming the connectivity issues. They have provided stable and fast internet connection, allowing us to complete our schoolwork and lessons.

With this new internet connection, I am very much looking forward to the launch of YouthCan! Even more young people will now be able to take part in the employability program. Workshops and work experience will give young people in the Philippines a chance to develop skills and confidence to help them get decent work in the future.

I am so grateful for all the volunteers who willingly give their time and effort to support and guide young people like me in the employability program. The time you have donated to share your knowledge and skills means a lot to the youth in the SOS program in the Philippines.
Dhisnie | SOS Philippines

As for my plans, I want to graduate from my course in Hospitality Management and get some experience in a restaurant. After that I will look for experience in a hotel and other relevant business. I’d love to work on a cruise line in the future, where I can use all the skills I’ve gained along my journey, and travel around the world.

I know that things don’t always go the way you plan them, there are unexpected twists and turns in life that you can’t control. But as a goal-motivated person, I will never stop trying. You must learn from the difficulties that you face if you want to achieve your dreams!

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