Five feelgood things for you on Giving Tuesday

Happy Giving Tuesday! To celebrate, we’ve decided to give back to you throughout the day, starting with five feelgood thoughts to brighten up your week.

Starting off strong at number one, we have some good news about how your support for SOS Children’s Villages is making lasting change.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel positive about the future, which is why we’re delighted to tell you a bit about the Youth Training and Employability Centre run by SOS Children’s Villages in the Gambia.  Despite being opened in February 2020, unfortunately coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic, your fantastic support meant that in July 2021, the centre was able to complete its very first academic year. The essential life skills taught to these students will change their lives forever, and that’s down to the generosity of fantastic supporters like you.

For number two, we think it’s important you know how vital your giving has been in helping those that need it most.

The earthquake in Haiti in August brought more devastation to a country still struggling to recover from the last quake in 2010, so our SOS colleagues on the ground there needed to act fast. Thanks to your quick response and generosity, we’ve been able to give crucial support to 250 families in the affected region. Your giving helped people when they needed it most. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support.

At number three we wanted to take a look back at one of our favourite stories of the last year, to celebrate some of the amazing work being funded by our supporters.

On Giving Tuesday people worldwide will be giving all sorts of wonderful things to each other, so we thought it was worth taking a look back at some of the fantastic work that your giving has allowed us to make happen this year. This story about inspiring female entrepreneurs in India is illustrative of what can be achieved with the giving spirit, so thank you for helping us achieve so much over the past 12 months.

The past two years have not been what anyone expected, but our number four is a reminder that we also saw the best of people.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone everywhere in some way, but the teams behind SOS Children’s Villages did not stop working. For example the team at SOS Ghana managed to provide food and hygiene items to all 268 families they were working with, an incredible achievement which was made possible by our incredible supporters. Times may have been tough over the last year, but you ensured that we could continue to help those that needed it most.

And at number five,  did you know that giving is good for you? It’s a scientific fact!

Everyone likes to be given something, but they are not the only ones benefitting. Studies show that the act of giving can have a positive impact on not just your mental, but physical wellbeing. With beneficial effects ranging from lower blood pressure, to increased self esteem, there’s many great side effects to the theme of today. We certainly feel better for giving you this feelgood list.


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