Kinship Care Program – India

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India has suffered greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during the deadly second wave at the start of this year, which has had a huge impact on it’s already fragile healthcare infrastructure. Children in India have been the most impacted by this pandemic – close to 30,000 children have lost a single parent and more than 3,000 have lost both their parents. Most of these children are from families that live in extreme poverty, leaving them in very vulnerable situations with little hope for the future.

SOS Children’s Villages India has developed a Kinship Care program, in which children without parents are cared for by relatives with additional support from the team at SOS India, until they become independent. It is been recognized that children have the best chance of developing their full potential in a family environment. This campaign hopes to raise around £50,000 to support thirty vulnerable children, providing food, education, healthcare and clothing for one year.

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