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We want to create a better future for unsupported children worldwide and we can’t do that alone. Our corporate partners bring valuable resources and insight to our work. Together we build partnerships which align with our mutual objectives, working to engage your employees and customers through creativity and passion. We know the transformational impact corporate partnerships can have on the communities we work with.

Strategic Partnerships

Work with us to create a strategic partnership that will lead to sustainable change on important global issues such as children’s right to education, family stengthening, women’s empowerment and emergency relief.

Since 2006 we have worked with HSBC to fund collaborative projects that have improved access to education and life-skills, provided essential counselling for vulnerable children and help young people build self-sufficient communities.

Employee Engagement and Charity of the Year

Our dedicated team of Partnership Managers would be delighted to discuss with you the opportunity of SOS Children’s Villages UK being chosen as your Charity of the Year or long-term chosen charity. Through employee fundraising and engagement campaigns your employees will have the opportunity to make a significant difference and become part of a global movement.

Our partnership with SThree has raised more than £1million through employee fundraising and matched giving over ten years. The SOS team have worked closely with SThree employees across the globe to fundraise for regional and international projects, which has also involved partnering with clients and suppliers. Read more about the SThree partnership here.

Cause-related marketing and customer engagement

Do you have a product that aligns closely with the values of SOS Children’s Villages UK? We can help you build an innovative campaign through a cause-related marketing partnership.

SOS Children’s Villages UK is part of the world’s largest charity protecting unsupported children worldwide. A cause-related marketing or customer engagement campaign can help build your brand awareness, increase positive association with ethical consumers, increase sales and drive customer and employee loyalty.

No matter the size of your organisation, you can make an impact to children and their families around the world. We have worked with Lines and Current, who have been donating 10% of their profits since 2017. We also work with luxury handbag company, DeMellier, who donate funds towards the cost of medical treatments every time a bag is sold.

Pro bono support

As a charity we welcome the opportunity to discuss pro bono support from corporate partners. This enables us to keep our costs low and make our donor's impact go further. Do you want to partner with SOS Children’s Villages UK to help protect unsupported children worldwide? Get in touch.

Corporate donation

We welcome companies who would like to contribute to our work with a one-off donation. Businesses can claim tax relief on donations to charities under Corporate Gift Aid. All donations are gratefully received and are used to protect unsupported children worldwide.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving, also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE), is a tax-efficient means of charitable giving where your employees’ donations are deducted from their salary before tax. It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your team and can help you fulfil your CSR commitments. Supported by almost all modern payroll systems, it is easy to run at virtually zero cost.


We’ve partnered with online fundraising platform, Work For Good, to help SMEs donate to SOS Children’s Villages UK. They specialise in supporting small businesses by helping you embed charitable giving into your day-to-day work and promote all the good you’re doing as well. Please get in touch if you are an SME and wanting to make a contribution to our work.

Do you want to partner with SOS Children’s Villages UK to help protect unsupported children worldwide?

Give us a call on 01223 365 589 or email our corporate team today.

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