Corporate partners

The support of our corporate partners means we are able to give children around the world a safe, loving home and a better future - contributing to community development and sustainable outcomes.

Whether you are a local company or operate on a regional, national or global level, we want to hear from you. Due to the nature of our work across the globe, we can tailor the partnership according to your interests and corporate social responsibility objectives.

    HSBC has worked closely with SOS Children's Villages UK for over eight years. We value their global reach, and also their approach to creating a family atmosphere to help children and young people work towards a positive future.
SOS Children's Villages also welcome our local staff to contribute to the children's education and sense of belonging, and this involvement is something that we know motivates our people and helps not only SOS, but also HSBC - it's a truly win-win partnership.

Simon Martin
Head of Group Corporate Sustainability
HSBC Holdings plc

We believe the relationships with our corporate partners should be mutually beneficial and make a significant, lasting impact on the SOS communities they support. SOS Children's Villages has projects in 125 countries, so a charity partnership with us offers numerous opportunities for you to engage with communities around the world while improving the lives of vulnerable children.

There are many benefits to partnering with us, including:
  • Team building, recognition and morale through workplace fundraising
  • Social impact, community engagement and cohesion by providing sustainable solutions through long-term commitment to our work
  • Increased customer reach through social development
  • Enhanced brand image and customer reach through cause-related marketing
  • Positive PR generation and meeting your corporate social responsibility
  • The opportunity to work as part of a global collaboration towards agreed objectives across different countries

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