Thank you for donating to SOS Children

By sponsoring a child with SOS Children's Villages UK, you help us offer a child left alone by extreme poverty, disease pandemics, war, natural disaster or neglect the chance to grow up in a supportive family-like environment. They will go to school, have access to medical care, and receive all the nurturing support and guidance they need to build themselves a brighter future.

We will be in touch again soon with more information about your sponsored child. If you would like to discuss your sponsorship at any time, our Supporter Care team would be glad to hear from you on 01223 365 589 or

The coronavirus means children and communities around the world need our help more than ever right now. Your support will help us be there for them during this difficult time. Thank you, and please be patient with us if it takes a little longer than usual for us to send you your welcome pack.

Thank you from everyone at SOS Children’s Villages UK.