Sponsor a village

By sponsoring an SOS village community, you also support the wider community. A village sponsorship pays for carers and teachers, school books, uniforms and food, as well as providing access to good healthcare, clean water and building maintenance. It also funds community projects including our family strengthening programmes which help families in the wider area to stay together. Many of the children we care for have had difficult life experiences and for those children with specific needs, we provide trauma counselling and psychological support.

Your support will enable SOS Children’s Villages to provide at-risk children with:

  • The chance to grow up in a supportive family environment
  • A parent, and siblings, to care for them
  • A secure home for the whole of their childhood
  • A quality education from qualified teachers and trainers
  • Access to healthcare 
  • The chance to belong to a supportive community
You can transform the lives of vulnerable children for just £20-a-month – providing them with an education, healthcare and most importantly, a family of their own.

Raising children in our village community in Bethlehem

Mama Fadia has raised 34 children since she became an SOS parent. Over the years she has watched her children grow up and build careers and lives of their own. Nine of her children have married and had children of their own. She is currently raising three boys and three girls.

Mama Fadia said: “I love all my children. Not just the six who live in my home now, but all the children in the village, all the children who have lived with me over the years, and all the children who have lived in the village since I’ve been here. Without SOS Children’s Villages, these kids would be lost. Without food, a loving home, a mother, an education, they would be lost. These are basic needs in life.” SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem cares for up to 126 children who are being raised in family environments with an SOS parent and brothers and sisters. We also run a family strengthening programme helping families set up businesses or getting access to essential supplies.

Sponsoring a village community is incredibly rewarding because you help to provide a valuable education, friends, family and most importantly the chance for them to have the happy childhood that each of us should be entitled to.

Will Ash
Supporter since 2012

A rewarding experience

When you sponsor a village community you will be changing lives forever. Thanks to your support, children will grow up in a secure family environment with all the benefits that education and a supportive upbringing can provide. Regular updates and photographs mean that you can see how your village community develops. You can also write to the children in the village community if you wish.

When you sponsor a village community you will receive:

  • A welcome pack, telling you about your village community
  • A welcome letter from your village community
  • Summer and Winter updates directly from the country
  • Our UK supporter magazine

Where can I sponsor a village community?

You can choose to sponsor a specific village community or country or let us select the village community that needs your help the most – it is up to you. Just select the country name on the drop-down list on the sign-up page and email sponsorship@sosuk.org with any specific requests for a particular village.