Help us to ensure that no child grows up alone!

Your organisation can help give children a safe and loving home and a better future, contribute to community development and at the same time, put your company values into practice.

By partnering with SOS Children’s Villages, you can achieve your CSR goals while bringing a brighter future to the world’s most vulnerable children. With projects in 125 countries worldwide, a charity partnership with SOS Children’s Villages means numerous opportunities to engage with communities around the world.

We already partner with a range of companies of different sizes. Your corporate logo could be the next one!


SOS Children’s Villages UK’ objective is that a corporate partnership will provide the best possible internal and external effect for you. We can offer you a relationship that helps to meet your objectives including: team building; staff reward, recognition and morale; community engagement and cohesion; increased customer reach; enhanced brand image and positive PR generation and meeting your corporate social responsibility.

As a global charity, a corporate partnership with SOS Children’s Villages means you can work with communities where you work. This is just one of the numerous benefits your company will enjoy.

SThree has been a corporate partner of ours for many years, through this partnership we have changed the lives of thousands of vulnerable children around the world.

A partnership with us will allow you to:

  1. Demonstrate the four pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: workplace, community, environment and marketplace.
  2. Engage your team in workplace fundraising, charity challenges and social events.
  3. Connect with communities in need and help provide sustainable solutions through long-term commitment to our work.
  4. See the impact you make through regular updates on the projects you are supporting and the chance to visit the projects.
  5. Boost your brand reputation through cause-related marketing.
  6. SOS Children’s Villages  programmes support the Substainable Development Goals – in particular, the five goals which most directly affect children’s welfare and opportunities for the future. We call these the SDGs for Children.

“HSBC has worked closely with SOS Children's Villages UK for over eight years. We value their global reach, and also their approach to creating a family atmosphere to help children and young people work towards a positive future.

SOS Children's Villages also welcome our local staff to contribute to the children's education and sense of belonging, and this involvement is something that we know motivates our people and helps not only SOS, but also HSBC - it's a truly win / win partnership.”

Simon Martin
Head of Group Corporate Sustainability
HSBC Holdings plc


Promote a product or service through cause related marketing whilst  raising vital funds for orphaned or abandoned children.

Partnering with SOS Children’s Villages can help build brand awareness, increase sales, maintain customer loyalty while also reaching new customers and generating positive media.

All you need to do is select the right product, agree a marketing plan with us and donate a stated percentage of the sale price to SOS Children’s Villages, enhancing its appeal to the customer. Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

SOS Children's Vilalges get involved corporate
Group of employees of J.Marr (Seafoods) Ltd visiting our gazebo at the 2016 HSBC Triathlon

Payroll Giving for Employers

Payroll giving, also known as Give As You Earn (GAYE) or workplace giving, is a tax-efficient means of charitable giving whereby your employees’ donations are deducted from their salary before tax.

Payroll giving enables companies to make automated tax-efficient donations to one or more charities from their monthly pay packet. As an employer, you deducts donations from your employees’ salaries before calculating tax and other deductions. Therefore, employees do not pay tax on the income they have chosen to donate to charity.

One-off donations such as contributions from an annual bonus can also be made to charity through payroll giving.

As an employer, you may like to go one step further by matching all or a proportion of your employees’ charitable donations. Often, employers will choose to exceed the original donation.

Payroll giving is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your team and can help you fulfil your CSR commitments. It is supported by almost all modern payroll systems and so is easy to run at virtually zero cost.


Corporate Booklet

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Family Matters

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Our corporate team can provide ideas and support which suit companies and businesses of any size and type to work with the charity. For example companies can:

  1. Match-fund employee contributions
  2. Nominate SOS Children’s Villages as your Charity of the Year
  3. Donate a percentage of profits or commission to the charity
  4. Provide a cause-related marketing opportunity
  5. Sell a specific or bespoke product on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages UK
  6. Donate your employees’ expertise and time to the charity
  7. Donate £1 to the charity for every employee completing a staff survey
  8. Round-up or add an optional charity donation to invoices or charges
  9. Sign-up to our monthly email newsletter and post this on your intranet
  10. Have a charity collection box on your reception desk, canteen or office

We want fundraising with us to be fun and exciting for your employees and your clients, so each year we will offer you a exciting calendar of social and challenge events. Whether your company is interested in a golf day, a gala dinner or a team building exercise, there will be something for everyone.

Whatever you’ve got in mind, we will be there to help you every step of the way with practical event advice as well as fundraising essentials like collection buckets, balloons and posters.

“Amec Foster Wheeler has been working closely with SOS Children's Villages since 2007. We particularly appreciate their global footprint, matching our international presence, and local involvement.
Over the years, and through initiatives of our employees, we have supported various villages around the world, including raising funds for disaster response appeals where needed. We are very proud that our partnership with SOS Children's Villages makes a difference where it is needed.”

Tereza Urbankova
Head of Corporate Communications

Ready to partner?

To learn more about how your company can make a real impact on the lives of vulnerable children and families around the world, email us or call 01223 365589 and someone from the team will be happy to talk to you.

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