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Former SOS Child Lucian, grew up in SOS Children’s Village Bucharest, Romania, and now runs his own successful IT Company.

Abandoned at birth by his parents, Lucian was initially placed in a state run children’s home by the Romanian authorities. A few years later with the help of Social Workers, he joined the SOS Children’s Village in Bucharest. Despite struggling to come to terms with the absence of his biological parents, Lucian has worked hard not to let this prevent him from becoming independent and happy: “I have overcome many trials in life, especially the absence of my parents. But I have realised that through hard work and determination, I can succeed”,  he says.

Lucian - SOS Family
Lucian - SOS friends

Leaving the SOS Village for the SOS Youth Home when he was 18, Lucian studied Cybernetics and then gained two post-graduate diplomas.

He is now 27-years old and  CEO and Founder of an IT company which employs a team of six. In addition, Lucian is also an advisor on national childcare policy. Keen to involve NGOs in the improvement of laws for vulnerable groups in Romania, Lucian is regularly invited to round-table meetings and conferences to share his experiences and ideas. “It is vital we keep the issue of abandoned children in the spotlight. The level of care given to children in institutions is appalling. The sadness of an abandoned child is far greater than we actually see”,  he says.

Lucian - posing young boy
Lucian as a young boy

Lucian attributes much of his success to his SOS upbringing, “I have enjoyed being a part of this big family. I have no words to describe my gratitude. The childcare is excellent and this has helped me get to where I am today.”

He has big plans for the future, hoping to continue building his business and making a worthwhile contribution to the debate on alternative care for abandoned children in Romania. He also hopes to come to the UK to begin a PhD in Public Policy.

When asked what his message was for our UK supporters, Lucian says: “SOS means ‘home’ for its young people. It is very important for the development of a child to have parental care to create stability in his life so he can build a better future for himself. SOS Children’s Villages really does what it says it does. Everyone is entitled to a chance and you help give people like me a chance. Maybe you think your contribution is small, but believe me, for children like me it means a lot! Thank you for everything you do for us, SOS Children’s Villages!!”

In March 2014, Lucian was named by Forbes Romania as the most successful young person in Romania.

Lucian - successful businessman

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