Face-to-Face Fundraising

Everything you need to know...

The basics of Face-to-Face

Why do we use Face-to-Face? This is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate more funds and to inspire the public about our work.

How can you identify a SOS fundraiser and know their legitimacy? Fundraisers will be wearing light blue SOS branded T-shirts or Jackets. Fundraisers will also have an ID card which bears their name, photo and our supporter care team number and signature. Fundraisers will never ask you for a cash donation or be able to take a cash donation from you. If this does occur, please contact our supporter care team immediately.

Meet our agency partners…


Urban Leaf

Street Fundraisers

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Zen Fundraising

Door Fundraisers and Private Site Fundraisers

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How you can apply…

If you think you have the drive and passion to be a fundraiser, please click the relative link above to apply to either our Door-to-door, Private Site or Street fundraising agencies. The relevant agency will be in touch soon.

The locations that our fundraisers are currently working in are:

  • Door-to-door (Zen Fundraising): London
  • Private Site (Zen Fundraising): Birmingham
  • Street (Urban Leaf): London, Manchester, Bristol and Cardiff

Where are we fundraising?

Find out where our fundraisers will be working following the sites list link below.

Sites List*

*Please note these are correct at the time of publishing, however, are subject to change. Current list published 17/12/2021.

Covid-19 Response

We have been closely monitoring the Institute of Fundraisings guidelines around Covid-19. We have introduced a new contactless payment method and fundraisers are regularly trained and updated on Covid-19 policies and procedures. This is something we are closely monitoring and updating.

Tell us about your experience! 

If you met one of our fundraisers, we would love to hear about it. Please leave a comment below.

Fundraising feedback

  • If possible please include your fundraisers name and any feedback you have about your experience.


Does my money go directly to SOS?

Yes. 100% of your donation goes directly to SOS Children’s Villages UK.

Do SOS fundraisers operate in no cold calling zones? 

We do not work in any No Cold Calling Zones that are legally set up in collaboration with the Trading Standards Board, as outlined in the Fundraising Regulator Code of Fundraising Practice. We will also not call on any houses with any visible ‘no cold calling’ signs.

Is the information I give to a fundraiser secure?

Yes! We will never sell or share your data with any third parties as we comply with the Data Protection Act. All data collected is securely stored and transmitted. Data taken on any tablet is never stored on the tablet and fundraisers do not have any access to your private information.

Is Face-to-Face fundraising regulated? 

Yes, we are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and comply with the Fundraising Code of Practice. We regularly train, mystery shop, call listen and spot check to ensure fundraisers are engaging with the public in the best possible manner.

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