When we take a child into our care, they become part of an SOS family. These families live together in a community known as an SOS Children’s Village.

Our SOS Villages provide children with an environment in which they can play, form strong relationships and enjoy their childhood in its entirety.


A typical Children’s Village has 10-15 homes. The Village often includes a nursery school, a primary school, a medical centre or a social centre—all of which are open to the local community.

When young people are ready to leave the Village, they stay in SOS youth facilities until they are ready for independent life.

But we don’t just send children to school. We ensure they receive quality education and all the support they need to flourish. We don’t just treat children when they’re sick, but work to ensure they are protected against illness. We don’t just put a roof over their heads, but give each child a loving family for life.


By sponsoring an SOS Village your gift contributes toward community outreach programs targeted at keeping families together and allowing as many children as possible to stay with their families.

When you sponsor an SOS Village you will receive:

  1. A welcome pack: photo and description of the SOS Village.
  2. Twice a year update on your sponsored SOS Village’s progress and developments including an updated photo so you can stay up-to-date with Village life.

“Your work is a shining example of the kind of partnership on which the achievement of all our goals depends. We are encouraged by your approach to making the Villages serve as resource centres and models for communities.”

Nelson Mandela


For every £1 you give us…

SOS Children's Villages - How we use your money

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