More than 150 million children worldwide have lost either one or both parents. Many of the children are all alone. They are vulnerable to abuse, have no food, no medical attention.

When you sponsor a child with SOS Children’s Villages, you will be directly supporting an orphaned or abandoned child so they can grow up in a loving and safe family home with a mother and siblings.

We ensure natural siblings always stay together in the same SOS family home. They grow together with their new SOS brothers and sisters and are cared for by a dedicated SOS mother, developing emotional bonds for life.

“Sponsoring a child feels more special than other charitable donations – it's so much more than just giving money, it's like getting a new family member.”

Child sponsorship review from Louise, who sponsors Brian in Uganda

Why sponsor a child

At the heart of child sponsorship is a boy or a girl left alone in the world. A child who, through no fault of their own, have nothing and no one. This may be due to conflict, famine, natural disaster, poverty or a host of other reasons.

When you sponsor a child, you can give them a new, flourishing life in an SOS Children’s Village.

We all know how important it is to grow up surrounded by a caring family. This is something we seek for every child we care for.

Our model is simple:

  • We help children whose parents are not there for them.
  • Six to ten children are cared for by an SOS mother and they live as a family.
  • Together, several of these families make an SOS Children’s Village.

“The splendid work done by SOS Children's Villages is charity where deeds speak louder than words. Providing orphaned and abandoned children with a new family and a permanent home has had a great influence on child welfare worldwide.”

The Dalai Lama


By sponsoring, you will offer a child real hope now and in the future. Your money will help provide them with a stable childhood in a permanent family home, as well as access to healthcare and quality education. So when they reach adulthood, they can go on to lead a full and independent life.

Sponsoring a child can be a rewarding experience – for you and the children you’re helping.

As a sponsor:

  1. You will receive a welcome pack with a photo of your child, his story and information on the Village and country where your sponsored child lives.
  2. You will receive updates about your child, be able to write to them and will see the difference your money is making over the years.
  3. You can also sign up to our email newsletter to get regular updates about SOS Children’s Villages’ work around the world.
  4. You are welcome to write and send small gifts to your sponsored child in their SOS Village.
  5. You can make extra gifts into a savings account for birthdays and special occasions.

For only £20 a month you can give a child an opportunity for the future. That’s only 66p a day!

Do something amazing and sponsor a child today!

"I finally got a family"

SOS Children's Villages Sponsor a child
We know the name and story of every child growing up in an SOS Children’s Village, and how they became orphaned or abandoned. Here are a few of their stories.

“My name is Jose, I’m 11 years old and I’m part of a family at SOS Children’s Village Morelia. I was born in a town close to Apatzingan, where I was abandoned, together with my sister Martha, when I was 5 and she was only 4 years old. Although I was really young, I can still remember the pain I felt when my mother never returned even though she had promised to do so.

After my mother left us at the main square of the city of Apatzingan, I believed I was never going to have the chance to have a loving family, and I was also afraid of being separated from my younger sister. Just to think about it crushed my heart so many nights.

When the authorities took notice of the situation we lived for a while in different foster homes. Fortunately, we were not separated, but something was missing, I felt incomplete all the time.

"My family makes me stronger each and every day"

A long time after that, we arrived at the SOS Children’s Village and I thought it was going to be the same as the other places, but I was more than wrong. I could easily see that this ‘Village’ was different from any other places I had been to before. There were so many nice people full of love and always smiling at us.

The biggest difference was that I finally had a family. I had somebody thinking of me and standing by me all the time, supporting me and my new siblings and my sister. That person was my SOS mother. Now I have the family I’ve always been dreaming of and despite my past I know life has given me a new opportunity by taking me here where I’ve been growing happier every day.

Now that I live at the SOS Children’s Village, I not only have a mother, but also my SOS brothers and sisters, and especially my sister Martha, who is also very happy here. My family makes me stronger each and every day.”





For every £1 you give us…

SOS Children's Villages - How we use your money from monthly donations

"It has made me so happy that these children are getting a great opportunity and knowing I am a small part of it"

John, who sponsors a child in Albania

If you are donating from the United States, please visit our U.S. site.

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