Many children don’t have access to what it takes to create a good childhood. Your monthly donation provides children with constant, reliable care and the building blocks for a bright future.


A monthly donation to SOS Children’s Villages today will give them a new family and a loving home in an SOS Children’s Village. You will also be helping fragile families stay together so children grow up with their parents.

A monthly donation gives long term support to SOS Children’s projects. Monthly donations give us flexibility to target resources towards greatest need at each moment and adapt to changing circumstances.

SOS Children's Villages monthly donation
Children in front of school during their break. Education is vital to a child's chance in life; a monthly donation to SOS Children helps us to continue developing our schools and education projects around the world.


Your monthly donation is used to meet expenses such as:

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Household expenses
  4. School fees and uniforms
  5. Medical care

A regular contribution to SOS Children’s Village gives children worldwide a safe home and a future.


For every £1 you give us…

SOS Children's Villages - How we use your money

We try to spend as much money as possible on what matters (helping children with nowhere else to go) and as little as possible on office costs, fundraising and admin.

We do not approach people on the streets or cold call, and our advertising is minimal. All of this helps to keep our costs down, while the internet helps us to grow.

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SThree Partnership with SOS Children’s Villages UK

Since 2009, SThree has been one of SOS Children’s transformational Corporate Partners.

Vincent Kompany

"I've seen the work of SOS Children’s Villages in different parts of the world. They reach out...

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