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Vulnerable communities, families and children will disproportionately suffer from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. There is a great urgency for us to respond to support children and families around the world who are making life or death decisions because of the pandemic.  

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With a significant shortage of hospital beds, medical staff, personal protective equipment and intensive care facilities, most countries are not ready to deal with a major pandemic. In Somalia, before the coronavirus hit, it cost just $2 for a pack of protective face masks. Now the same pack costs $50. Doctors, nurses and other frontline staff in SOS hospitals and clinics cannot afford to protect themselves from the virus when they treat those affected. 

   If I can’t afford water, how should I apply hand hygiene? When I am crammed in the slums, how should I isolate myself and keep my distance? I can't see corona. But I can feel hunger. And if I have to choose between bread and soap, I choose bread.

A parent from Kenya


If you’re now working from home and saving money from your usual commuting costs, why not consider donating to SOS Children’s Villages?


The average UK monthly spend on commuting is


#DonateYourCommute today to provide urgent support to protect the lives that the coronavirus is going to tear apart. 


Donate Your Commute