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Will you make a special Christmas donation to help children feel safe, loved and supported?

As the nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, many of us start thinking of our nearest and dearest and how we will spend Christmas together.

For parents around the world living in poverty, it can feel terrible if you cannot put enough food on the table for your family, especially at this time of year. Many children and families who arrive at our emergency care centres have fled violence, leaving everything behind, with nothing left but the clothes they are wearing.

The children are often exhausted, hungry and scared.

We give them a safe place to be, and we support them with whatever they need to stay together.

We give families the time and space to sit and have a meal together.

We remove that sense of stress they might have felt in the past when not everyone had enough – or anything at all – to eat.

Will you support families in crisis with a Christmas donation?

Please consider giving a Christmas donation to ensure every child in our care feels safe, loved and supported. Our teams are working flat out so that your gift can make a world of difference

Your support could make a child feel safe loved and supported this Christmas


could pay for a therapy session for a child who has experienced trauma


could provide enough food for a child in one of our programmes for a whole month


could pay for children to have life-saving medical care