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Our work wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of our amazing supporters - every penny you donate counts. When you sponsor a child or SOS village community you are helping transform the lives of at-risk children.

We know how important it is for you to feel confident that we are using your money wisely and well, so we are always open and transparent about how your donations are spent. 80 pence in every £1 you donate is spent in the country where you sponsor, ensuring the children we care for have a supportive family upbringing with access to quality education and healthcare.

The remaining 20 pence enables us to put the strongest safeguarding mechanisms in place to protect children and staff, ensure our programmes have a measurable impact on the lives of vulnerable children, and that we have good governance. It is also invested in fundraising, so we are able to raise money to protect and care for even more unsupported children worldwide.


Every day children all around the world are facing unspeakable hardships. You can give a child hope again by donating today.

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Last year we helped provide a loving home for over 75,000 children and helped more than 90,000 struggling families through our family strengthening programmes. See how our committed supporters helped give vulnerable children worldwide the chance of a positive future in our 2017 annual report.

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"We have been supporting SOS Children's Villages UK for about 35 years now. The organisation has always seemed to us a reliable, utterly practical, front-line charity. We prefer to send our donations to them in the certain knowledge that not one penny will go astray."

Helen and Guy, who support our work in Nicaragua.