Our 2018 Annual Report

We believe that children everywhere deserve more from life than the basics for survival such as food, water and shelter. Children have the right to grow up feeling loved, safe and supported. They are entitled to a happy childhood, and the chance to build a better future for themselves. Thank you to everyone who helped us be there for children when they needed us most in 2018.

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We prevented children from growing up alone

Supporting families in crisis is one of the best ways to prevent children suffering the loss of parentalcare. In 2018, our family strengthening programmes helped parents struggling under the burdens of extreme poverty, warfare and disaster, and at risk of family breakdown, to give their children the start in life they deserve – because prevention is always better than cure.

We offered children a second chance at a family upbringing

No child should grow up alone. In 2018, SOS village communities offered thousands of children without parental care a safe and loving home – somewhere they know they are wanted, that they belong, and are supported. Growing up within a family unit, with an SOS mother, siblings, and community support, every child under SOS care receives the quality education, healthcare and individual support they need to thrive.

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We Invested in children’s futures

We believe that quality education and training are key to overcoming generational poverty and enabling young people to succeed. In 2018, we supported young people to transition to employment and independence with vocational training, career coaching, work experience, access to business mentors and role-models, and by improving young people’s digital and entrepreneurial skills.

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We gave children back their childhoods

Our response to emergencies is unique. When wars or natural disasters strike we ensure that children have the care and emotional support they need to thrive, and the opportunity to play, make friends and behave like the children they are. In 2018, we cared for children left alone by emergencies, reunited separated children and families, and provided opportunities for play and learning.

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Our mission to protect children from the life-long consequences of growing up alone faced immense challenges in 2018 as a succession of conflicts and natural disasters separated families and left children without parental care. As we marked SOS UK’s 50th anniversary, these challenges served as a reminder that our work must go on, with renewed energy and determination. Thank you for helping us to improve children’s lives worldwide.

Alison Wallace
CEO of SOS Children's Villages UK

Our international accounts

SOS Children’s Villages UK is part of a global federation of 140 local SOS Children’s Villages associations. Together, we work in 136 countries and territories worldwide to ensure that children grow up in a stable environment where they feel loved, safe and supported. To find out more about the federations‘ finances and international impact, download the annual report.

Annual Report Archive

Part of our mission is to be transparent with all our donors, partners and supporters. You can read our previous annual reports below.

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