We try to spend as much money as possible on what matters – on the delivery and support of our work with the world’s most vulnerable children and communities. The money we spend on administration ensures we can have the strongest safeguarding mechanisms in place to protect children and staff and that our offices are run according to best practice and with full transparency.

Our Annual Report includes details of our work that is being completed around the world, as well as a financial snapshot of our operations. Download our latest Annual Report to read more details of SOSUK’s work, as well as a financial snapshot of our operations.

Our international accounts

SOS Children’s Villages is a federation of autonomous, inter-dependent member associations, who share a common goal and mission to provide a caring, family-like environment for vulnerable children. We all agree to abide by a common set of values and high standards that bear the hallmark of SOS Children’s Villages. As a federation, we work and adapt together in response to the evolving needs of children and young people.To find out more about our finances and impact internationally, download the annual report.