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SOS mothers' stories from around the world

SOS mothers care and support children living in SOS Children's Villages. From Mauritania to Mexcio, we simply couldn't do the amazing work we do without our SOS mothers. These women dedicate their lives to giving vulnerable children the futures they deserve.

“The children give me a purpose, I cannot imagine being without them. My children are everything to me.” Leticia, SOS mother at SOS Children’s Village Morelia, Mexico

An SOS mother cares for her children in just the same way as any mum would. She looks after each child when they are sick, helps them with their homework, talks to them when they have problems, plays games with them, sorts out family squabbles and ultimately makes sure that every child is happy and thriving. 

In this interactive section, discover the experiences of SOS mothers from across the world. Click on the map below to start exploring.

Muniye's story

Watch Muniye from SOS Children's Village Tlokweng, Botswana explain the special care she gives as an SOS mother, and why love is at the heart of her job. 

Learn more about the important work SOS mothers do for orphan and abandoned children the world over.


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