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Give a child a mum this Mother's Day

Mother and child at Basse, The GambiaMums are great! No matter how old we are, they are always there to listen, guide, support and love. 

But millions of children around the world don't have a mum to provide the love and care we so often take for granted. Conflict, famine, poverty and disease have left them fending for themselves. Alone, they have to deal with hunger, pain and abuse without a shoulder to cry on. 

SOS Children's Villages puts an end to the pain for tens of thousands of orphaned and abandoned children. They are cared for by SOS Mothers in SOS Villages all around the world. These inspirational women raise a generation of children, giving them the love and security they need for a happy childhood and preparing them for an independent adult life. 

Thanks to our SOS mothers, we loved, cared for, and supported over 60,000 children in 2014. Read more about SOS Mothers.

Instead of giving a traditional gift this Mother’s Day, why not donate to SOS Children and help us give children who are completely alone the love of an SOS mother.

Make a one-off donation

A mum smiles at the camera as she cradles her baby in Sri LankaA one-off donation, however big or small, will help give a child who has no-one the love of a mum for life. 

The love and care our SOS mothers provide plays a key role in helping children recover from a traumatic start in life and settle into a new family. Your donation will help give one of the most important gifts a lone child can receive.

Donate £30

Spread the word that #MumsMatter

Join our #MumsMatter campaign on Twitter and Facebook to raise funds and awareness so no child has to grow up alone:

  • Tweet us a picture of you with your mum using the hashtag, #MumsMatter - we'll make sure to retweet you!
  • Tell us your stories showcasing why #MumsMatter - got a story of a time your mum got you through or made you laugh? We want to hear, so get sharing!

Mother’s day ecards

We also have a whole host of free ecards for you to choose from, perfect for those of you who may have left things a little late... Send an ecard this Mother's Day.

Make your own Mother's Day card

Felling crafty? Surprise your mum with a custom-made card this Mother's Day. Use our template and get creative.


Support schools in Africa with SOS Children by making a donation to one of our SOS Schools on the continent.