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Make a Mother's Day card


Show your mum how much she matters by making your very own Mother's Day card from our template.

Follow the easy instructions below to make a great card from our range of templates.

If you're a teacher or youth group leader, why not print out a selection of templates to make with your class, after-school class or youth club?

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Video instructions


Before you begin

Print out your chosen outer card template, on plain or coloured card:

Print out your chosen shape for inside the card:

Get making!

  1. Colour in your card lettering and decorate your card
  2. Cut out your chosen shape
  3. Colour in and decorate your shape
  4. Fold the side flaps of the shape towards you
  5. Fold the shape backwards down the middle
  6. Measure 5 centimetres each way out from the middle of the card and mark 
  7. Stick the shape side flaps in the area of the marks
  8. Write a lovely message to your mum
  9. Give the card to your mum on Mother's Day (18th March)

An SOS mother and daughter from the Children's Village in Bataan, the Philippines

Why mums matter

Mums are an essential part of childhood for every child, and Mother's Day is a time to show our gratitude.

But not every boy or girl can grow up with their own mother. At SOS Children, we give thousands of children a new home in the care of a devoted SOS mother.

By nurturing and supporting children as they grow up in an SOS family, our SOS mothers help even the most vulnerable child develop and thrive.

Find out how you can give a child a mother this Mother's Day...


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