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Moments make families

Every parent and child experience moments that make them a family. From everyday activities such as having dinner together and brushing teeth, these moments bind families together and help children feel they belong. Yet there are millions of children across the world who never have the opportunity to experience family moments, because they are orphans, or because their families are not in a position to look after them.

SOS Children believe that regardless of their background, all children should live in a family where they feel loved and secure. We work in 124 countries to provide children with family moments. Through our Family Strengthening Programmes, we support families at risk of falling apart due to poverty or disease to stay together. When children are alone and have no one to care for them, we provide a new home in one of our SOS Villages. Children live together as a family, with an SOS mother and brothers and sisters, and experiencing ordinary family moments everyday.

Give a child family moments to remember with child sponsorshipPlaying games, CV Penonomé, Panama

Routine might not seem like a privilege to those who have it, and many of us take it for granted. But for those who have never had it, it is much more than ordinary. We create an environment where children can always feel at home and build positive memories to last a lifetime. With your support, we can give more children family moments to remember.

By taking out a child sponsorship at £20 a month, you will help a child to grow up in a loving family in an SOS Village and experience family moments every single day. You will receive regular updates about your child as they grow up with their family. Make a real difference to a child’s life by sponsoring today.

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My favourite family momentsGirl reading to her SOS sister, SOS Children’s Village Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Children from SOS Children's Villages across the world were asked about their favourite moments with their families. This is what they said:

Rebecca, age 15

"I love Friday afternoons as it is the last day of the week before the weekend. We all sit together as a family and do our homework. I like it if I have to stay up late to finish my homework and it is just my mum and me together."

Tapiwa, age 15

"My favourite time is when I come home from school. There is time to watch TV together, read books and do our hobbies. I like to talk to the little ones in my family about what they did at school.”

Noktenda, age 4

"I like it when mama says goodnight to me. She gives me a kiss and a hug."

“My brothers take care of me, I take care of them”

Thabang lives in SOS Children’s Village Tlokweng in Botswana. Watch him talk about his relationship with his SOS brothers:

“She really really likes me, I like her too”

Gaone also lives in the Tlokweng Village. Here, she is interviewed by another SOS child and talks about her SOS mother:

These videos are taken from the 2011 ‘Our Africa’ project celebrating the 40th anniversary of SOS Children’s work in Africa. We are currently building a website for the project, which will depict children’s lives and experiences through their own eyes.

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