Syria girl

In 2011, protests calling for increased levels of democracy and freedom in Syria, triggered a violent and civil war which is now its fifth year. Due to safety fears, children at the SOS Children's Village Aleppo were evacuated to our Village in Qodsaya, on the outskirts of Damascus, at the end of September 2012. 

Constant fear caused children to be evacuated

After nearly two months of heavy fighting and depleting resources, it was decided that the children had to be moved out of Aleppo for their own safety. The Syrian staff feared that the violence would only intensify, making the region an increasingly dangerous place to live. SOS Children's Village Damascus is currently considered safer, and this is now where all of the children we care for in Syria are living.   

According to Rasha Muhrez from the SOS Regional Office in Damascus, 

“Village co-workers were so supportive and did everything they could to cope with the situation and to continue their work for the children. We are all praying that peace will come back soon and that the children from Aleppo can return back home.” 

Tense situation

Located in the north of the country, Aleppo is Syria’s most populous city with around 2.1 million inhabitants. SOS Children's Village Aleppo opened in 1998 to support the local community and vulnerable children.

Since the conflict started, the tense security situation continues to affect the lives of Syrians. The economic conditions of the country have deteriorated and it is increasingly difficult for people to afford food and other basic goods.

Much of Aleppo has been completely flattened by airstrikes

Children in Syria are in need our protection more than ever. We are working very hard to ensure that young people stay safe in these dangerous circumstances. Since August 2012 we have been providing emergency relief to the local population, providing aid to families, and trying to get children back to school. Find out how we are supporting families and children during the current crisis in Syria.

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