SOS social workers in Mkallès, Lebanon
Meet the team – our social workers provide vital care to widowed mothers in Mkallès

Mkallès is a town in the Lebanon's Matn district, which is located east of the capital Beirut. The district is beautifully scenic and coastal areas offer splendid views over the Mediterranean.

Lebanon was plunged into civil war in 1975, throwing a thriving nation into turmoil. We provide homes for vulnerable children in four Children's Villages across the country. In Mkallès, we do not provide care because the majority of at-risk children are able to live with their parents. Instead, we help widowed mothers provide love and care to their children.

Basic support for struggling mums

For many families, losing a father means losing a steady income, harming widowed mothers' ability to provide food, healthcare and education to their children. All 800 of the children we support have a home and a mother, but lack the basic necessities required to get a good start in life.

We provide essential support to help mothers achieve independence. SOS social workers each work with 20 to 25 families, supporting them for between three months and two years as they get back on their feet. During this time, we provide food, healthcare and education while helping mothers and children work through individual problems.

Providing skills for work

Our programme in Mkalles helps mothers get back on their feet and achieve self-sufficiency

Because these mothers often lack the tools to support themselves, we help them develop skills and expertise so they can work or start their own businesses. At our “SOS entraide” self-help workshop, we help mothers become proficient in handicrafts and learn how to sell their wares.

We also kick-start mini-businesses including tailor's shops, grocery shops, furniture and clothes shops, and farming projects so newly skilled mums have their own livelihood. Where this isn't appropriate, we help them find jobs with local firms.

Supporters like you enable us to help vulnerable children get the best start in Mkallès, Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. You can help by sponsoring a child.


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