Child from Amman, Jordan

Amman is one of the Gulf region’s wealthiest cities. It is a thriving business hub and has a successful tourism industry.

However, rapid population growth due to an influx of migrants and refugees has placed strain on infrastructure and has left many living in poverty. The city’s growing refugee population is particularly vulnerable.

Rapid population growth puts strain on infrastructure

Amman is the capital of Jordan and has a population of more than 2.8 million. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and operates as the country’s commercial, political and cultural centre. The city is also a tourist destination for international and Gulf tourists alike.

Amman is located near the border with the West Bank, and as such, has experienced a surge in population as migrants and refugees continue to pour into the city. This rapid growth has placed considerable strain on the city’s water supplies and the amenities in place are not sufficient to support the increasing number of residents.

In recent years, thousands of Syrian refugees have arrived in Jordan, looking for safety. The largest refugee camp, Zaatari, is home to more than 200,000 Syrians who are living in tents. Zaatari is located 1.5 hours from Amman. Refugee children are particularly vulnerable, having been removed from their homes and familiar environments and having witnessed distressing violence and traumatic events.

How we help in Amman

Strengthening families to keep them together

SOS family, SOS Children's Village Amman, Jordan

SOS Children’s Villages opened its first facility in Amman in 1986 in response to the rising number of refugees and vulnerable children affected by unrest in the region. The SOS Social Centre offers a range of activities and is used not only by SOS children, but also local Amman residents.

The social centre’s primary focus is its family strengthening programme which supports families with the aim of keeping them stable and together. General medical checks are provided, along with counselling services and psychological support. Children enjoy lessons that will provide useful skills for their futures, including workshops to improve their Arabic handwriting, and extra tuition in school subjects.

Family-based care

Since 1986, SOS Children’s Villages has been working with children in need in Amman. Today, several SOS families provide loving homes for over 100 children whose parents are no longer able to care for them. Our SOS children live together with their brothers and sisters and are watched over by an affectionate SOS Mother.


The SOS Nursery in Amman is attended by more than 150 children from SOS families and the surrounding neighbourhood and is a secure and happy place for the children to learn, play and make early connections with others from the local community. Day care is particularly valuable to parents who need a safe place to leave their children as they go out to work or search for employment.

Support for young people

When our SOS children reach young adulthood, they are able to move into supervised girls’ and boys’ houses as they continue their education or vocational training through the SOS Youth Programme. They are guided by a qualified SOS counsellor as they make the transition to adulthood.

Young children in Amman come to live in our Children's Village when they have no-one else to look after them. With your help, they can flourish in their new family home. Please sponsor a child today. 


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