Levels of social deprivation are high in Pachacamac which means our work there is desperately neededPachacamac is a popular destination for tourists interested in viewing its spectacular archaeological sites. Tourist dollars do not benefit most of the population however, and 34% of the town’s people are living in poverty.

Child labour is a serious social challenge faced by parents struggling to make ends meet. SOS Children's Villages is working to support families and promote the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Lack infrastructure endangers children’s health

Pachacamac is a small town of fewer than 60,000 residents located at an important archaeological Inca site of the same name. Pachacamac is 40 kilometres south of the country’s capital, Lima, and has a very young population.

Pachacamac’s archaeological sites attract many visitors to the area, but in spite of tourist dollars, as many as 34% of the town’s population continues to live in poverty.

A quarter of the town’s homes are considered substandard housing. They are unsafe and with inadequate sanitation and lacking in basic facilities – just 10% of homes have access to running water.

Child labour

Child labour continues to be a serious and widespread problem in Peru, in spite of government efforts to eradicate the practice. In Pachacamac, it is accepted that children should work to make a financial contribution to the family’s survival and it is a widely held view that children are simply small adults. Children who are working are vulnerable to exploitation, mistreatment and violence, and are robbed of the opportunity to complete their education.

In order to brighten the futures of Peru’s children, it is vital to educate parents and challenge traditional views that it is socially acceptable for children to be sent to work. Children’s health and education must be put first if they are to break to the cycle of poverty and have a better future.

Mama Merche is the newest SOS mother at our Children's Village Pachacamac, PeruWhat we do in Pachacamac

SOS Children's Villages began working with vulnerable children in Pachacamac in 1997, striving to support local families by alleviating hardship while promoting the importance of education for their children.

We offer workshops in carpentry, gardening and tailoring, and the Village has its own vegetable garden and keeps small animals including chickens and rabbits.

Support from nursery to independence

Children who cannot live with their parents are welcomed into an SOS family in Pachacamac. Children grow up in a loving and stable environment alongside their SOS brothers and sisters under the care of an affectionate SOS mother.

Older children join our youth programme, which not only gives them a chance to sample semi-independent living, but allows them to complete their education and vocational training as they begin the journey into adulthood.

Children in Pachacamac are offered hope in the SOS Children's Village. Here, they receive love, respect and security. Will you help them realise their dreams, and sponsor a child?


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