At SOS Children's Villages we give children, like Lucia and Rebecca in Peru, the chance to be children againLife is hard for internal migrants who have moved to Chiclayo in search of opportunity. Employment can be difficult to secure and people often end up in illegal work and poverty.

Children suffer the most in this situation, and many take up work from a young age to help the family survive. Without access to education, these children have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Internal migration puts strain on Peru’s fourth largest city

Chiclayo is Peru’s fourth largest city with a growing population. It is located nearly 800 kilometres from the capital city, Lima, and sits 13 kilometres inland from the Pacific coast.

Despite its dry climate, Chiclayo has been successfully farmed for centuries and this asset has attracted many internal migrants from the poorer highland regions.

High numbers of migrants have put a strain on the city’s infrastructure leaving many families living in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions in poor housing and with limited access to social services. Migration also results in a breakdown of family support networks, and parents often have no choice but to leave their children alone as they go out to work. Children living in these conditions are particularly vulnerable.

Support and basic services will help break the cycle of poverty

Formal employment can be difficult to secure in Chiclayo, and many internal migrants are forced to take up illegal work in order to make ends meet. Work is hazardous, hours are long and wages are very low, making it difficult to support a family, even for two working adults.

Children suffer most from this type of lifestyle and often start working in the streets from a young age to help the family survive. Without access to education, children become trapped in a cycle of poverty and do not have the chance to experience childhood or get an education, and their future prospects are clouded.

SOS Children's Villages in Chiclayo

We have been working with the children of Chiclayo for more than 30 years.

Today, our family strengthening programme provides basic social services to families, alleviating hardship and allowing them to provide a safe home environment for their children.

Sponsored children from Esperanza in Peru

The SOS Social Centre is managed by members of the local community and offers childcare, allowing parents to leave their children in safe hands while they go to work.

Children who are no longer able to live with their parents can find a stable and loving home with one of the SOS families. Children grow up alongside their SOS brothers and sisters under the care of an affectionate SOS mother.

Support up to independence

Older children move up to the SOS youth home, where they live with other young adults. A youth worker helps them gain the skills to manage independent adult life, while they complete their education or vocational training so that they are ready to enter the job market.

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SOS Children is not political and sponsored children are brought up in their own religion and culture.