Child from Managua in NicaraguaManagua is Nicaragua's capital and largest city, with a population of around 2 million people. It is located in the south of the country on the shores of Lake Xolotlán, and is the economic heart of Nicaragua.

The city is home to many large international and national companies, as well as factories that produce a wide variety of products. Despite this, the city is the poorest capital city in all of Central America and its people struggle against a range of social problems.

Children at risk

Thousands of children throughout Managua continue to live in extreme poverty. Many live without basic amenities, like running water and electricity, and many more are forced to resort to begging in order to earn a living.

The incomes children can earn on the streets are often essential for families who are struggling to survive. However, this also means that kids are missing out on an education that would help them to break from the cycle of poverty in the future and offer their own children opportunities they did not get.

What are we doing to help Managua's children

nicaragua-school-managua-b.jpgThe Nicaraguan government has recently been working hard to help children living in poverty, but thousands still face a difficult life. Our SOS Children's Village in Managua opened in 1995 with the aim of ensuring that every child gets the childhood they deserve.

Holistic support

Helping parents to cope with difficult circumstances, will also help them to support their children. We have, therefore, adopted a holistic approach to supporting at risk children. Our family strengthening programme offers parents a range of services, such as counselling and day care facilities to help them balance work and care commitments.

We put families at the heart of the process, so those using the services also take an active role in managing this programme. They run community homes and centres where parents can come together to learn new skills and help each other cope with the challenges of life in Managua.

Providing a family for life

Sometimes children are unable to remain with their parents due to a range of factors. These children can find a home with one of our SOS families situated under 3 miles outside of Managua. This SOS Children's Village is located in a beautiful area and has a range of facilities, such as a library and sports facilities.

When they reach adolescence children from SOS families are able to join the SOS youth programme. They are provided with shared accommodation whilst they undertake vocational training or higher education, and are supported by qualified youth workers to begin planning for their futures. They will always be part of their SOS family and the bonds they have built during the youth programme will last for life.

Many children in Managua grow up in extreme hardship. Some lack access to clean drinking water, and many more are unable to attend school. Please help by sponsoring a child.


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