Child from Huehuetoca, Mexico

The history of Huehuetoca in Mexico is complicated and explains the racially diverse population of about 200,000.

The socio-economic situation remains precarious as indigenous groups are often not given due importance and respect of their indigenous rights.

Gap between wealthy and poor

There is a climate of social exclusion that has divided the region, and has widened the gap between the rich middle-class and the marginalised poor.

An estimated 60% of the Huehuetocan residents live in poverty without their basic needs met. The local government is unable to provide its citizens with health services, and adequate infrastructure. 

Struggling for women and children

Many have moved to Huehuetoca in search of opportunities. Sadly, new migrants often struggle to find work meaning that whole families are plunged into poverty. Children are often deprived of health-care, education, and sanitary living conditions. 

A child from Huehuetoca in Mexico

Blame cannot be entirely laid at the feet of local government since historically Mexico had a caste system that left the indigenous at the bottom of the social system. Failure to educate and change this mindset has kept the indigenous from breaking away from the cycle of poverty.

Most vulnerable after the children are the women and young girls because they are not seen as equal and therefore have fewer rights than men. Women and young girls are last to be educated, last to be trained for work outside of a home, and last to have access to health care. As a result, many women die from poor nutrition during pregnancy or during childbirth.

How we help vulnerable children in Huehuetoca

Our work in Huehuetoca began in 1988 when we established an SOS Children's Village in the area. Here, several SOS families care for abandoned and orphaned children. When young, children go to the SOS Nursery and make friends with local children. As they grow up they attend SOS Schools, and later can gain vocational skills or receive higher education. We support every child in our care until they are independent adults.

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SOS Nurseries give young children preschool education in our SOS Children’s Villages. From here, children get quality preparation for life in our SOS Schools or community schools.