Hampolol, Campeche

Children from Hampolol in MexicoHampolol is in the state of Campeche in the Yucatan Peninsula. It lies between”two rivers” on 700 acres of land intended for eco-tourism, aimed at preserving natural resources.

The population is Hampolol is very small with less than 1,000 people. 10% of the populations are indigenous, and speak in their native language while the rest converse in Spanish. Only two-thirds of the population have access to social insurance and health care.

Inadequate housing

In the state of Campeche, beyond the fairytale commercial and touristy inner areas, lies a different life blighted by poverty. The state’s population is approximately 220,000 and attracts many tourists being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, about 50% are affected by poverty and 27% lack skills to earn a decent wage.

Many of the homes in Hampolol are poor shelters for families. Some houses only have one room, while many lack sanitation facilities and electricity. Families depend on public water supply or public water pumps. 

The education system in Hampolol is another major problem because there are children 15 years and older who still do not know how to read or write, having never been inside a school. The average number of years of education for the population of Hampolol is 6 years.

Children who need help

The children are at most risk from malnutrition, poor health care, and illiteracy. The latest studies show that 49% of primary age children do not graduate from primary school. Many of these children come from indigenous families who are stuck in poverty with poor housing and sanitation standards.

SOS Children’s Villages' work in Hampolol

Sponsor a child in Mexico

SOS Children's Villages began working in Hampolol in 1979. In our Children's Village, we provide care for children who have lost parental care. Each of the SOS families is made up of an SOS Mother who cares for a group of children. SOS siblings play and study together, and learn to be part of the community.

Once the children reach the age of responsibility, we support them to pursue higher education or start a career. SOS Children's Villages provides vocational training as well as counselling on how to live independently. SOS counsellors help these young people prepare for a life with a brighter future and opportunities.

Though Hampolol is a small village, we also help local families through our community outreach work. 

Mexican children who have become orphaned can find a new loving home in our SOS Children's Village. Here they have hope for a bright future. Help give them that hope by becoming a child sponsor today.


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