SC Comitan

Comitán de Dominguez, or Comitán, is found in the east-central part of the state of Chiapas. It is the fourth largest city in the state. Comitán is a local tourist destination because of the picturesque town. 

However, much of this changed in 1994 when the Mexican peso was devalued. The Chiapas State went through political unrest and local land disputes.

Poverty and conflict

The indigenous people living in Comitán supported the Zapatista army, which put them in direct conflict with public offices. This was part of the reason the indigenous people were ostracised and their living conditions slowly began to deteriorate. Today, Comitán is a depressed area where severe poverty exists. Chiapas has always been one of the poorer states of Mexico.

Children of Comitán

The indigenous groups living in Comitán are under stress. They are always the last in line to receive support from the government in terms of shelter, education, food, health-care, and social services.

The illiteracy rate in Comitán is almost at 26%, much higher than the 9% national average. Mexican indigenous groups are living in isolation because of lack of education, poor social skills, and insufficient government aid. Their children are facing the same life unless something is done to change their future.

SOS Children’s Villages' work in Comitán

Children from Comitan in Mexico

It was in 1994 that SOS Children's Villages began working in Comitán. This was the year that indigenous tribes and Zapatistas began to fight the Mexican army. SOS Children's Villages decided to offer emergency relief to children and families affected.

Not long after, SOS Children's Villages began implementing programmes to help the people of Comitán. One programme is our community outreach work which supports local families, and addresses problems of poverty, poor health, and education. Parents are given opportunities to learn skills while their children can attend our SOS Nursery. 

At our Children's Village in Comitán, we care for children who have been orphaned or abandoned. Here they live in loving family homes, and are cared for by a dedicated SOS Mother. Every child goes to a local school, and when older they receive vocational training or complete higher education. 

Vulnerable children in Comitán need your help today. When you sponsor a child, you offer them hope for a happy future. 


Making a charity will with SOS Children means that children can look forward to a bright future.