Valle de Ángeles, Teguciglapa

SOS CV Valle de Angeles HondurasSOS Children's Villages established its presence in Valle de Ángeles in 1993 to advocate for and support children and young people with disabilities. 

Families in Honduras face much hardship and children with disabilities can be rejected and often grow up in environments where their needs cannot be met. 

Families living in poverty

The town of Valle de Ángeles is located in semi-rural countryside about 22 kilometres from the Honduras capital, Tegucigalpa. Valle de Ángeles is part of the Francisco Morazán department and is a popular tourist destination, with visitors travelling to see its colonial architecture and sample local crafts including pottery, woodcarvings and contemporary art. 

The population of Honduras is very young, with nearly 40% of residents under the age of 15. These children often face difficulties in their childhood and across the country it is estimated that around 150,000 children grow up without the care of their parents. Family dysfunction, poor housing and lack of access to basic social facilities including medical care contribute to a growing problem for children in Honduras.

Dangerous life for children

Without the protection of a parent or carer, many children face a dangerous life on the streets and have little choice but to allow themselves to be recruited by organised gangs known as ‘maras’. Once children become part of a gang, it is very difficult to break the cycle of poverty, crime and drugs, even in adulthood.

A child from the Valle de Angeles in Honduras

Honduran families are also threatened by natural disasters due to the country’s geographic
position. Hurricanes are frequent and can be devastating, and make life even more difficult for families enduring great hardship.

Disabled children are vulnerable

Many families are desperate for extra income and as such, child labour, particularly agricultural, is a widespread problem. Apart from depriving children of the opportunity to get an education, there are no safety measures in place and child workers are exposed to pesticides and dangerous machinery, putting them at risk of debilitating injuries and illness. Children also resort to begging, selling merchandise or shining shoes in order to survive. 

Physically and mentally disabled children are in an even more vulnerable position. These children are often rejected by society and most grow up in environments where their needs cannot be met. 

Our work in Valle de Ángeles

SOS Children’s Villages has been present in Valle de Ángeles since 1993, providing support to children and young people with disabilities. Our facility in the town is equipped with ramps, railings and special furniture, allowing children to be as mobile as possible. The SOS programme has been specifically designed for children with disabilities, and the centre can accommodate over 70 children.

We provide stable and loving homes for children who can no longer live with their families. Located just a short distance from the SOS family homes, an SOS School has been established, catering to the needs of children with disabilities. The school offers tailored education programmes for each child.

The SOS Medical Centre offers medical treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and features a swimming pool for hydrotherapy. When children are old enough to move out of their family home, our SOS Youth Programme accommodates up to 10 young people and offers pottery, arts and crafts instruction.

Children growing up in SOS families in Ángeles have been through things no child should have to go through. We make sure that they are loved, protected and have a happy childhood. Help us achieve this by sponsoring a child living in SOS Children's Village Ángeles today.



Did you know? In Africa, where often thousands of people share one doctor, SOS Children builds medical centres for the community to use.