Children from Choluteca, HondurasSevere poverty is a daily concern for many residents in Choluteca, where more than 60% of the population is malnourished. In 2008, the devastation wrought by Hurricane Mitch further aggravated serious social problems in the city. 

The Children’s Village was established in Choluteca in 2000 to support vulnerable children and marginalised families.

Children in Choluteca are among the poorest in Honduras

Choluteca is a city of 100,000 people located in southern Honduras and flanked by the borders of Nicaragua and El Salvador. Agriculture is Choluteca’s primary industry, and the region is one of the most productive in Honduras. 

Choluteca’s most important social challenge is chronic poverty. More than 60% of the population is malnourished and people’s hardships are aggravated by poor housing, no access to basic social services such as medical care and education, dangerous gang violence and the threat of natural disaster. In 1998, Hurricane Mitch, devastated Choluteca, destroying infrastructure, leaving many children orphaned and driving more people into a state of desperate poverty.

Child labour

Families in Choluteca grapple with the effects of poverty in their daily lives, and poverty has been cited as the reason for so many local children being deprived of parental care through abandonment.

Child labour is a widespread problem and often the only way families, or children living without parents, can survive. Girls typically take on domestic work while boys work in the agriculture industry or sell merchandise in the streets. 

The position of these children is precarious and without the protection of an adult, they are open to abuse. Most children do not have the opportunity to get an education and have little hope of breaking the cycle of poverty for a better future.

SOS Children's Villages in Choluteca

Child sponsorship Choluteca, Honduras

In 2000 an SOS Children’s Village was established in Choluteca in response to the high levels of poverty, particularly after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. SOS Children's Villages supports vulnerable children and marginalised families, supplementing the efforts of the Honduran government, which has implemented various projects to help its children. 

The Village is home to several SOS families, which provide a stable and loving environment for children who are no longer able to live with their parents. We recognise each child is an individual, and ensure that the care they receive is tailored to their personal history and needs. SOS Children's Villages offers therapies and specific activities that help each child as they develop into young adults.

Our SOS children attend local schools with children from families living in the nearby area. This provides a safe and happy place for children to make connections with other members of the community from a young age.

Vulnerable children in Choluteca need your support today. Become a child sponsor and give them a bright future.


In Africa, SOS Children cares for nearly 16,000 sponsored children in loving family homes.