SC Quito
Playing games outside the SOS social centre in Quito
The capital of Ecuador, Quito, sits 2,850 metres above sea level and has a population of around 2.2 million. It is the financial and cultural centre of the country, drawing tourists to see its impressive colonial buildings and churches.

However, the city remains extremely divided. Some eight percent of the city's population live in poverty and over 50% don't have formal jobs.

Rural migrants find little hope in Quito's slums

Quito, as with so many major cities in South America, harbours great wealth and luxury but also devastating deprivation. The city has been unable to keep up with the vast numbers of rural migrants arriving in search of a better life. As a result, informal settlements have sprung up without proper infrastructure – many of them lack even clean running water.

Without the necessary qualifications to secure stable employment in the formal job sector, the majority of rural migrants who arrive in the city join the burgeoning informal labour market. Many of them are children. Child labour is a very serious problem in Quito with many children and young people forced to work in danegrous conditions. 

Our work in Quito

SOS Children's Villages came to Quito in 1963. Since then we have established programmes to:

Care for children: When children in Quito can no longer live with their parents, we provide them with a loving home. SOS families offer a nurturing upbringing in the safe surrounds of the Children's Village, under the care of an SOS mother. Children attend community schools where they continue their integration into the local community.

SOS Children's Village Quito, Ecuador
One of the family houses at the Children's Village in Quito

Strengthening families: We support vulnerable families in Quito so that they can stay together. The work we do ensures that children are able to go to school, see a doctor when they need one and have enough to eat. Our childminding service allows working parents to leave their children in a safe place while they go out to work or receive training. 1,200 children and their families are currently supported thorugh this programme. 

Support for young people: Teenagers in our Children's Village are offered support through our SOS youth programme. They live at the SOS youth home while completing further education or vocational training. They benefit from support and guidance from specially trained SOS staff.

Amid the deprivation of Quito's slums, we offer the most disadvantaged children the hope of a better future. Sponsor a child and help us make a difference.


SOS Medical Centres, with fully qualified nurses and doctors, provide medicines and vaccinations for children in need.