Child sponsorship Limon, Costa Rica
Happy faces all round at the Children's Village in Limon
Limon is the capital of the province of the same name, and has a population of around 70,000. The province stretches along the country's Caribbean coast and borders with Nicaragua on the northern edge.

Puerto Limon is the biggest port in the country, with imports and exports playing a major role in the country's economy. Inland, the agrarian economy relies on banana, sugar and coffee growing. Thanks to the success of these industries, Limon has one of the fastest-growing populations as people flock to take a cut of the money generated in the area.

Families struggling to meet basic needs

Being near the border with Nicaragua, Limon forms part of a drug smuggling route. Children become involved either in search of the easy money, or through drug use and needing to support their habits.

Even with the booming economy of the area, some families still struggle to meet their basic needs. It is estimated that over 5000 families are unable to meet at least one basic need such as clean water, sanitation or adequate diet.

Children working to help their families

Government estimates suggest that, nationally, over 100,000 children under 17 years old are working to help themselves or their families. They may work in agriculture but many work in the commercial sector. This is as much an economic issue as a cultural one, with children working to support their families becoming a social norm over the decades. Having to work for a living, children are not in education, and this impacts their ability to achieve a better future.

SOS Children in Limón
Out and about in the Children's Village in Limon

Our work in Limon

We established our Village in Limon in because of the severe poverty in the region and the acute risk of children being unable to live with their families.

We work to prevent children ending up alone before they are old enough to look after themselves. Children who have no one else are able to join an SOS family, where they benefit from the love and care of an SOS mother. Children are encouraged to take an active role in their community. The children we look after attend schools in the community ensuring that they can create and maintain networks beyond the Children's Village.

We give vulnerable children the chance of a happy family life. Please help us by sponsoring a child.


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