Children from Arica, Chile

Curicó is about 200 kilometres from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. It is part of the earthquake-prone Maule region and has a population of 130,000. Its main industries are farming, mining, wine-making, and tourism. 

Before the 201 earthquake that affected Curicó, this small city was a thriving community. It was a popular tourist destination with several top-rated hotels, restaurants, eco tours, and wine routes.

Shattered lives

The 8.8 earthquake shattered the lives of many of the residents in the Maule region because it was only 72 km away from the epicentre in Concepcion. Hundreds died and the damage was 90% of the preserved city centre and 60% of the residential areas. 

In 2013, Curico had 32 earthquakes. Most of the earthquakes are between intensities of 4 to 6. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and the frequent earthquakes since has made it hard for residents in Curicó and other parts of Chile to recover. Life is not yet back to normal. Families have been split apart and in some cases, the entire family perished in 2010. The community remains emotionally and physically drained.

Sad faces, bitter memories

Many parts of Chile are still shell-shocked by the 2010 earthquake, especially those living in the coastal areas. They were the ones most traumatised by 2 calamities: the earthquake and the tsunami with three massive waves over 8 metres high. Many homes crumbled down like cookies. Curicó was achingly damaged and the marginalised became even more desperate.

Aside from the lives lost and orphaned children, there were no more jobs. Farmers and small business owners could not restore the mayhem caused by the calamities. There was no money, no food, and no homes.

Our Work In Curico

SOS Children Curicó was established in 1996. The SOS Children’s Village is found on the outskirts of the city in a quiet neighbourhood. SOS Children blended in very well with the community, gaining the people’s trust and co-operation.

Sponsored children from Curico in Chile

In 2010, SOS Children's Villages rushed in right after the earthquake. We provided relief and medical assistance to the many victims in Curicó and the surrounding areas. We distributed clothing, toiletries, and food to the affected families and we were there when they need emotional support. 

After the first few weeks following the earthquake and tsunami, we moved from emergency care to focusing on our development programmes. The people needed to learn new ways to earn money, stay healthy, a place to care for their children, and medical professionals who would help them understand what had happened to their lives in order to move forward.

A caring family home

Orphaned children stayed within the SOS Children's Village and lived in one of the SOS families. There, they are cared for by an SOS Mother and live with siblings that could replicate a happy and nurturing home. The children under the care of SOS families are required to attend school and learn skills after secondary school that will help them become contributing, income-earning members in Curicó.

When you become a child sponsor, you will watch a child grow up in an SOS family. Vulnerable children in Curicó need your help today.



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