SOS Mother and family at CV Campinas, BrazilIn the south-east of Brazil is the city of Campinas. With a population of just over 1 million people, Campinas is the third most populous city in São Paulo State.

In 2010 we opened our newest Children's Village in Brazil, and provides a loving home for children with no-one else. 

Social inequalities

Campinas is a social and economic hub, and the 10th richest city in Brazil. Because of the technology companies in Campinas, it has been called the Brazilian Silicon Valley. 

Despite these signs of progress, many families have been left behind. As with most urban areas, at one end of the wealth spectrum are people living in poor conditions. When a family struggles to put food on the table, children fail to get the best chance in life. When a child looses parental care, SOS Children's Villages works to give them hope for a bright future. 

Our work in Campinas

SOS Children's Village Campinas opened in 2010, and is home to six SOS families. Here, children who are orphaned or abandoned belong to a loving family and are given all the support they need to thrive.

Meeting mum at the Children's Village in Salvador da Bahia

An SOS mother cares for the children in her family, attending to their everyday needs. We ensure children receive excellent education so that they are equipped for the future with skills and knowledge. Children enjoy a range of activities and hobbies at the Village, from ballet to basketball.

Support for local families

Our community programmes work to prevent children from ending up alone. They do this by strengthening families in need. Through capacity building initiatives, families become are able to provide for their children.

You can support the work of SOS Children's Village Campinas, and the many children and families it helps, by sponsoring a Village today.


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