SOS family from the SOS Children's Village Córdoba, Argentina

Argentina used to be one of the biggest economies in South America until the financial crash in 2001 put nearly half of its population below the breadline. Though the economy is recovering well, many of Argentina's children aren't benefiting.

Located in the centre of Argentina, Cordoba is the country's second biggest city with a population of over 1.3 million.

Financial crisis affecting the most vulnerable

After the financial crash of 2001 over half of the population were thrown into poverty, with children bearing the brunt. 

In many countries with a successful middle class, poverty becomes stigmatised. Having to fend for themselves on the streets, children often end up doing desperate things to survive. Even if they do not commit crime, street children are viewed negatively by elements of society, and there is little sympathy for their plight. 

Early intervention

As soon as a child is identified as being at risk, intervention is crucial to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in life. Strong families are more likely to give their children the support and care they need to thrive. The Argentine government does offer some help to vulnerable families, but there is still much to be done to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society do not slip through the net. SOS Children's Family Strengthening Programmes support families and work to increase the capacity of parents and care-givers to care for their children. 

For children who are no longer able to stay in the care of their family, or have been orphaned or abandoned, SOS Children's Villages offer them a loving home in one of the four Children's Villages in Argentina. 

How we help in Cordoba

sponsor a child in ArgentinaSOS Children's Villages arrived in Cordoba in 2000. We operate a number of services within the local community, including a social centre which runs a Family Strengthening Programme designed to keep children at home with their parents. We give advice on a range of issues, including how to improve their family income.

Where this fails our Children's Village provides a safe and loving home to children who are no longer able to live at home with their parents. The Village can accommodate over 100 children who live with SOS brothers and sisters and are cared for by SOS Mothers. In February 2015, the structure of the Village changed and the families starting moving into housing in the Village. This, along with attending local schools, means that the children are well integrated into their local community.

As the children grow up, we give them the advice and support necessary to look after themselves. This might be through encouraging them to pursue further education or vocational training, for example. Our dedicated SOS youth programme provides the young people with a safe space from them to begin the transition into adulthood. 

Every child needs loving care and support when growing up. You can help vulnerable children in Argentina to receive all they need to thrive by sponsoring a child today.


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