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SOS Children's Villages at Christmas

Journey with us to Children's Villages all over the world and discover their Christmas traditions and celebrations!

Christmas drawing, Albania

Albania: A Christmas letter to Santa

A child from a Village in Albania wrote a Christmas letter expressing what makes Christmas special.

Santa drawing, Bangladesh

Bangladesh: A Christmas letter

Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country. However, at SOS Children's Village Dhaka, one of the fifteen family houses is home to a Christian family.

Looking forward to Christmas: Rachelle celebrates with her family

Benin: Looking forward to Christmas

Rachelle celebrates with her family in Benin, who were helped by our community-based programmes which support families. 

Christmas in Cameroon

Cameroon: Christmas sponsorship letter

Christmas is celebrated in Cameroon on 25 December, like in many parts of the world.

Christmas drawing, Albania

Central and South America: The meaning of Christmas

Travel with us to our Children's Villages in Central and South America to find out what Christmas means for three SOS families.

Coming home for Christmas mini

Chile: Coming home for Christmas

Macarena grew up in SOS Children’s Village Puerto Varas, in Chile. Now a successful business-woman, she returns to 

A letter from Lekenik, Christmas

Croatia: Christmas letters to Santa from Lekenik

The children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik, Croatia, share their Santa mailings at Christmas.

Christmas tree drawing, Uvira, DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo: Christmas in Uvira

Irene (12), Chriso (11), Neema (12) and David (11) tell us how Christmas is usually celebrated at their Village.

Christmas drawing, Albania

Gambia: Celebrating Christmas the Gambian way

12-year-old Fatoumatta is Muslim, but she enjoys Christmas as much as her Christian friends. "Everybody dances and both Christians and Muslims enjoy themselves!”.

Brothers reunited mini christmas

Mexico: Brothers reunited for Christmas

Three brothers celebrate Christmas together for the first time at SOS Children's Village Huehuetoca, in Mexico.

Lamina's questionnaire, Christmas

Nigeria: What does Christmas mean to you?

Lamina is eight years old and lives at the SOS Children's Village Owu-Ijebu in Nigeria. He told us about his Christmas wishes.  

Christmas in South Africa

South Africa: Hot and happy Christmas

Children from SOS Children's Village Ennerdale will be hot and happy at Christmas time, as the holiday falls in the middle of summer with temperatures often soaring over 35 degrees.

Christmas in Venezuela

Venezuela: Celebrating Christmas in Venezuela

Find out how children celebrate Christmas at an SOS Children's Village in Venezuela.

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