Boy learning to walk with SOS aunt, SerbiaWhen SOS Children's Village established its presence in Kraljevo in 2003, it was the first organisation in the area providing care and support to children who had been orphaned or were no longer able to live with their parents.

As Kraljevo recovers from the effects of war, SOS Children's Villages is providing assistance to the city's many vulnerable children and their families, including refugees and internally displaced people.

A city recovering from war and natural disaster

The city of Kraljevo is located 191 kilometres from the Serbian capital, Belgrade, and located on the river Ibar. It has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The name Kraljevo translates to 'the King's town' and one of the city's most significant historic sites is the Coronation church, where seven kings are said to have been crowned.

Kraljevo is still recovering from the conflict in the 1990s, and the population influx that resulted from internally displaced people and refugees flocking to the city. There are many vulnerable children living in the city, living in conditions of poverty and hardship, or without the care of their parents. An estimated 18,000 refugees from Kosovo have settled in the area, including a minority of Romani people who face discrimination on a daily basis.

2010 earthquake

In 2010, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake devastated Kraljevo and the surrounding areas, killing two people. SOS Children's Villages provided aid and accommodation to many families whose homes had been destroyed.

SOS Children's Villages also provided funds to rebuild the primary school in Vuk Karadzic, which had been badly damaged in the earthquake. Children aged six to 14 years were able to return to school in October 2011.

What we do in Kraljevo

SOS Children's Villages was the first organisation to provide support to children living without the care and protection of their parents in Kraljevo. The number of children orphaned or abandoned continues to increase and in response, a number of national and international organisations have begun work in the town, assisting internally displaced people and refugees.

Children at the SOS Children's Village Kraljevo, SerbiaIn our Children's Village in Kraljevo, SOS families offer a stable home to up to 98 children who are no longer able to live with their parents. SOS children grow up alongside their SOS brothers and sisters under the care of an affectionate SOS mother. Our children attend the local primary school with children living in the surrounding areas, allowing them to form friendships and integrate into their community from an early age. Older SOS children attend secondary school in the town centre.

Moving into adulthood

When SOS children are older and ready to leave the family home, they are able to move into shared, semi-independent living. Supported by the SOS Youth Programme, and qualified counsellors, these young people complete their education or vocational training and transition to adulthood.

The Kraljevo Children's Village is located in a residential area, allowing children to get involved in activities in their community. Local children join their friends to participate in activities organised by SOS Children.

We provide loving care for children in Kraljevo who have become orphaned and abandoned. Will you sponsor one of these children, and give them a happy and healthy childhood?


SOS Children’s long term aim is to give a million children around the world a family for life.