Cisnadie, Sibiu

Child from Cisnadie, RomaniaCisnadie is a town in Sibiu, a county in the historical Romanian region of Transylvania. It is located a short distance from the county's capital, the city of Sibiu.

Today, the population stands at roughly 15,700, a fall in number since the 1989 revolution which resulted in Romania's exit from the USSR.

Declining economy hits jobs

Traditionally, Sibiu has been known for its textile industry, and in particular its carpets. Agriculture is another key industry, with yield including potatoes, corn and fruit. Construction and manufacturing are other sectors contributing to the economy of Sibiu county.

Much social and economic change has occurred since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The region's traditionally significant textile industry has been in decline, and many have left the area in search of work. The local authorities have worked to improve infrastructure in the hope of improving the area's productivity. So far, however, their efforts have seen limited success.

Limited services leaves families

The region's economic decline has left many people in poverty. Overcrowded housing with inadequate water and sewerage is the norm for many. Education and healthcare is simply out of reach for numerous families. Most parents simply cannot afford to send their children to school, and Romania's healthcare system suffers chronic underfunding.

Child sponsorship Cisnadie, RomaniaWhat is SOS Children's Villages doing?

Since the fall of communism, little local effort has been made to ensure that key services are available for poor families. We came to Cisnadie to ensure the vulnerable are not forgotten.

Boosting life chances for Cisnadie's most vulnerable

With poverty on the rise, our support is needed now more than ever. We provide a range of healthcare, from medical treatment to counselling, to keep disadvantaged children healthy. Beyond material support, we offer advice and guidance on medical matters facing parents so that families are well-equipped when sickness strikes.

For nearly two decades, our nursery has welcomed children from around the neighbourhood, providing a safe and nurturing environment for infants while parents go out to work. We help many parents overcome Cisnadie's employment crisis through skills training to enhance their employability and helping them in the search for work.

Our SOS Playbus brings opportunities for learning and play to the poorest areas. The bus offers a whole host of activities from drama and dance to craft and learning games. We also run a holiday camp where children from our Villages in Romania and Bulgaria can enjoy a break from their daily lives.

Caring for the most vulnerable

At the heart of all we do in Cisnadie is our Children's Village. Here, we care for the most vulnerable children of all; those who have lost their families and have no one else in the world. We support them throughout their childhood, as they grow up under the care of an SOS mother. They enjoy everything a child should - from the best education and healthcare to ongoing support as they make the exciting transition to adulthood.

Cisnadie is a town of many hardships. SOS Children's Villages is creating a better future for numerous children.


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