The sixth member of the family enjoys some fuss at the Village in Krasnik, PolandKrásnik is a small town of around 37,000 inhabitants in eastern Poland. Agriculture and industry form an important part of the local economy, while the area's natural beauty attracts a degree of tourism.

Despite rising living standards across Poland in general, eastern regions continue to suffer higher unemployment and greater poverty than many other areas.

Low incomes and high unemployment

Many children in Krásnik and the local area grow up in poverty. In general, salaries are lower than in other regions and the rates of poverty are the highest.

Low income can often lead to adults turning to drugs and alcohol, meaning that children can’t receive the love and care that they deserve.

Lifelong consequences

The government aims to support struggling families so that children can grow up with their own parents. Despite this, the welfare provision is often lacking and families cannot receive the support they need. Families are therefore forced apart, and many children are placed into Poland’s outdated orphanage system, where they often do not receive the love and care they require.

Unfortunately, many children who struggle in childhood cannot escape poverty, which means that a deprived upbringing can often have significant impacts on the children’s development. This is where we are able to help, giving disadvantaged children a helping hand during the most critical time.

What we do in Krásnik

Things are looking up for these children at the Village in Krasnik, Poland

The scale of need in the region means that our SOS Children's Village in Krásnik is less than an hour's drive from our Village in Bilgoraj. The Village offers a safe, stable upbringing to children from disadvantaged backgrounds; providing the security of a family and the love of an SOS mother. Each child is welcomed into an SOS family where they grow up with their SOS brothers and sisters.

The children attend local schools, allowing them to integrate with the community from an early age. Within the Village, we offer support based on each child's individual needs, helping them succeed with their schoolwork through after-school clubs and one-on-one sessions, and providing therapy and counselling during challenging times. After leaving school, many children go on to the SOS youth home in Krásnik or the nearby hub-city of Lublin, where we help them adjust to independent life as they begin higher education or vocational training.

Even as the economy improves and living standards rise, many Polish children are in need of care and support. We are there for the most vulnerable. You can help by making a regular donation.


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