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I sponsor a child in the Middle East

Ed was enchanted by the children at the SOS Village in Bethlehem, Israel, inspiring him to take out a sponsorship upon returning home.

I sponsor a child in Bethlehem, Israel

Ed Miller is a new sponsor with SOS Children's Villages. Here, tells us how he came to sponsor a child he met during a visit to Bethlehem in summer 2008.

Giving children a family through sponsorship with SOS Children

“We were instantly greeted with a group of excited children”

“In May 2008, I had the pleasure of visiting the SOS Children’s Village in Bethlehem during a week’s pilgrimage to Israel with a group from St Mary’s Church in Shortlands, Bromley.

Some members of the church had visited the Village in the past and are setting up a music therapy project for the children, but this was the first time a large group of us had visited together.

After a very informative presentation on what SOS Villages are all about around the world, the group were divided up into threes and invited to each visit a house within the Village.

We were instantly greeted with a group of excited children and the houses extremely welcoming mother who had herbal tea and freshly baked bread prepared especially for us. We had brought over with us a new t-shirt for each of the children and each was gratefully received and you could see how special it was to them to receive these gifts. The children were well-behaved, very polite and above all, very happy. They could not stop playing with our sunglasses and cameras the whole time we were there!”

“The lasting memory I left with was how happy all the children were”

sponsor a child in Israel

“I was very impressed with the set up of the house as well as the layout of the whole Village and the facilities they had. The whole group were made very welcome by all at the SOS Village and some of the boys even had time to show me up with their football skills!

The lasting memory I left with though, was how happy all the children were, and for people who had gone through traumas at such a young age, it is remarkable how the good work at the SOS Village is able to transform lives so effectively. I personally had a special little bond with one of the boys in the house I visited, Iss-Al Dein, and I’m now extremely proud to now be sponsoring him.”

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Sponsor a child in Israel

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