Children from Vinh, Vietnam

Since 1992 we have been helping children and families in the city of Vinh in north-central Vietnam. Vinh is in Nghe An province, home to many marginalised ethnic minorities. The region is known as one of the poorest in the country.

SOS Children's Village Vinh, the fourth to open in Vietnam, provides a loving home for vulnerable children who are unable to live with their family.

17% of the population live in poverty

Despite a potential for economic growth in Vinh, productivity is currently low and a large portion of the population in Vinh live below the poverty line. Transport links are good, but other infrastructures including sewerage and water treatment facilities need upgrading. Reflecting this, several international aid organisations have invested in the area to try and improve conditions and give people in this community a better quality of life. 

Essential support to families in need

Life for poor families and children is full of challenges, which is why SOS Children's work is especially important in Vinh. Access to education is limited for many, because parents cannot afford related costs (for example, books, transport and uniforms). In addition, it is often difficult to access adequate health care, meaning children may lack the medical treatment they require. 

SOS Children believes in supporting families in the local community. The SOS Family Support Programme provides vulnerable families with a range of tailored services. To cover children's basic needs we give financial support to families in need, or to children who have lost parental care. We also offer counselling on health issues and psychological support, and run training programmes for parents to develop their skills.

How do we help vulnerable children in Vinh?

In Vinh's city centre, we established the fourth Vietnamese SOS Children's Village. Nearby are several markets, the provincial hospital and various schools. Children move into the Village when they can no longer live with their families. We offer orphans and lone children a loving home, where they are cared for by an SOS mother and live with their SOS brothers and sisters.  

Young children attend the SOS nursery, along with children from the local area. The provision of day care is valued by parents who go to work or begin vocational training - knowing that their children are being cared for by professionals. 

Older children go to the SOS school, which caters for over 1,300 children at primary and secondary level. In the school's canteen children are given a nutritious meal every day. This is vital in deprived areas, as a child's family may not be able to afford enough food. When young people feel ready to leave their SOS family, they can join the youth programme. Here they are supported to attend further education or vocational training courses. 

Vulnerable children and families in Vinh rely upon the support of SOS Children. Will you give them hope for a better future, and sponsor a child today?   



SOS Children is a sponsorship charity: we give children around the world a home in a loving family.