Viet Tri

SOS School Viet Tri Vietnam

Viet Tri City is in the capital of Phu Tho Province. Despite being an industrial centre, there is widespread urban and rural poverty. 

SOS Children have been supporting vulnerable families, children and young people in the region since 1999.  

A struggle to meet basic needs

Many families in the Phu Tho Province live in conditions of poverty. Those living in rural areas and ethnic minorities are particularly disadvantaged, and often struggle to meet their basic needs. In Viet Tri City, there is a lack of infrastructure and services. This makes life very hard for families living in poverty.  

Furthermore, many children miss out on school when their families can't afford the associated costs (books, transport and uniforms). It can also be difficult for these families to access health care. 

Human trafficking

A child from Viet Tri in Vietnam

Across Vietnam, human trafficking is a problem and the northern province of Phu Tho is not an
exception. People who are given false promises of a better life are trafficked both internally to other cities in Vietnam, and also across the borders to China and beyond. 

Supporting children in need

The social and economic conditions that many families in Viet Tri City life in, mean that SOS Children's work is important to many. Many young people and children's lives have improved in the local area, through the provision of education, training and support.

When a child can no longer live with their family, they can find a loving home in the SOS Children's Village Viet Tri. There, they live with an SOS mother in an SOS family. 

There is an SOS nursery for young children, which welcomes children from the local area. Day care is especially valued by parents who go to work.  Older children can go to the SOS schools, at both primary and secondary level. The school canteen provides children with a nutritious meal. To ensure every child is given a chance to receive education, those whose families could not otherwise afford to send them to school can get a scholarship. 

Young adults can attend our youth programme, which supports them while they attend further education or start a vocational training course. The SOS vocational training centre has classrooms and workshops where trainees can learn different crafts.

From nursery up to adolescence, SOS Children is there for vulnerable children in Viet Tri City. Will you join our efforts, and sponsor a child today?


With our charity you can sponsor a refugee child from Tibet and give a child food, education and healthcare.