Thanh Hoa

Children from Than Hoa, VietnamVulnerable children have found a loving home at our Children's Village in Thanh Hoa since 2005. Located near to the coast, Thanh Hoa is one of the poorest regions in Vietnam. 

60% of people in the region live off agriculture, but due to its proximity to Hanoi, the capital city, new sectors are opening up sources of income and employment. However, people in the region continue to struggle to make a living, with the gross domestic product about half the national average. 

Families in rural areas live in poverty

For those that live in rural areas in Thanh Hoa, life can be particularly hard. The infrastructure is poor, and social welfare measures often don't reach those in need in these remote areas.

Parents in these conditions often struggle to meet the basic needs of their children. Ultimately, this means that many children loose parental care. According to official estimates, there are about 10,000 children without parental care in Thanh Hoa province, but the true number is likely to be even higher. 

Child labour a problem

From early childhood, many are expected to make an income and contribute towards the family. In rural areas, children may take care of animals, pick grass or look after their relatives' younger children. In the urban areas, children might work in restaurants, polish shoes or sell newspapers. Because they work, many of these children miss out on an education. They don't have the time or the means to attend school, and it's estimated that about 5% have never been to school, and 20% drop out after primary school. 

How do we support vulnerable children in Thanh Hoa?

When a child can no longer live with their family, they can find a loving home in the SOS Children's Village. There they are cared for by an SOS mother.

Child sponsorship Thanh Hoa, VietnamYoung children attend the SOS nursery, alongside children from the local community. Day care is valued by parents who go to work, as they know their children are being looked after in their absence. An SOS School delivers quality education for older children, at both primary and secondary level. At the school canteen children can eat a nutritious meal each day. 

When the children feel ready to leave their SOS family, they move into accommodation with other young people. Here they continue receive support to complete higher education and vocational training courses. 

You can give hope to children and young people in Thanh Hoa. Please sponsor a child today.



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