Quy Nhon

Climbing frame fun at the Children's Village in Ca Mau, VietnamThe provincial capital of coastal Binh Dinh, Quy Nhon is home to 284,000 people. It is located in central Vietnam in area traditionally reliant on agriculture, fishing and aquafarming, the cultivation of fish and aquatic produce.

The city's population continues to grow rapidly as people move to the area in search of employment. However, many migrants struggle to meet their basic needs due to problems registering in their new home.

Tough conditions leave children at risk of abandonment

Registration with the local authorities is almost impossible to access essential services such as electricity. However, it poses a challenge for many migrant families moving to Quy Nhon. Unregistered families often survive in tough conditions and struggle to access healthcare and education for their children. Many parents simply cannot afford to send their children to school or take them see a doctor at times of illness. 

Children who go without the bare necessities have their life chances severely diminished. School is vital to those from a tough background, as it is often the only route out of poverty. Some families live dangerously close to the breadline, and it is amongst these that the risk of child abandonment is at its most serious. Some estimates suggest that as many as 5,000 children lose parental care every year.

Looking out across the Children's Villages and the mountains beyond in Quy Nhon, central VietnamWhat are we doing to help?

The scale of need in Quy Nhon means that some families need a helping hand. We are there to provide a stepping stone to independence for the most vulnerable. Our SOS nursery provides daycare so that parents can go out to work, happy that their children are being cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. The team look after nearly 200 children every day, providing tiny tots with an introduction to learning – and of course a chance to play!

Some children cannot live with their parents, and we are there to offer a safe and loving family home. When a child joins the Children's Village, they are welcomed into an SOS family by their SOS mother, who introduces them to their new brothers and sisters and the community where they will grow up. We work with every child and their SOS mother to draw up a unique development plan tailored their own individual needs.

Children attend local schools, mixing with youngsters from the community and joining in sports, crafts and cultural excursion after school.

Our supporters help provide the most vulnerable children in Quy Nhon with unique support so they can flourish. Please help. Sponsor a child today.


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