Enjoying a feast at the Children's Village in Pleiku, VietnamPleiku is the capital of Gia Lai, one of Vietnam's poorest provinces. It lies in the country's central highlands and boasts an ethnically mixed population of about 1.3 million.

Families living here face numerous challenges, from the threat of natural disaster to joblessness and economic hardship.

Natural disaster and economic hardship leaves children at risk

Frequent natural disasters destroy resources and persistent poverty hamstrings families' capacity to bounce back. Coupled with this, patchy employment prospects force many parents to leave the province in search of a livelihood elsewhere.

Economic migration out of Gia Lai means that many children are left in the care of grandparents or extended family. However, relatives often struggle to provide adequately for children in their charge. Children often suffer emotionally and physically as a result of this.

HIV/AIDS: A growing threat

HIV/AIDS is another growing problem in Gia Lai; one with tremendous ramifications for children. The disease is highly stigmatised in Vietnam, and many sufferers choose to hide their illnessm and, consequently, they fail to benefit from the necessary treatment.

Children suffer when parents become too ill to work. Access to education and healthcare becomes increasingly hard to come by. Often, financial hardship means children are not only forced out of school but into work as well. These children face a life of backbreaking labour, cut off from the benefits education, training and other early opportunities have to offer.

SOS Children in Pleiku

Working hard at the Children's Village in Pleiku, Vietnam

We are there to help families cope at times of stress. So parents can earn a living and support their children independently, we offer daycare at our SOS nursery, where children benefit from learning and play while their parents work.

Sometimes things go wrong, and children cannot live with their families. We welcome these children into a loving SOS family, where a caring SOS mother provides a loving, supportive home as her children grow up. We offer uniquely tailored support to each and every child to ensure that their own individual needs are met.

In a region where poverty and the threat of natural disaster hang over many families, our supporters ensure the most vulnerable benefit from a loving home and a positive start in life. Please help by sponsoring a child.


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