Ho Chi Minh City

An SOS mother and son at the SOS Children's Village in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Go Vap was one of the first places where SOS Children started supporting children in Vietnam (1969). It is a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon. 

Ho Chi Minh is also one of the largest and most densely populated cities in Vietnam. Many families here continue to live in poverty, which has a negative impact on their children's future.

Life is harsh for those living in poverty

Ho Chi Minh City plays an important role in the country's economy and is one of the richest cities in the country. However, there is growing inequality and wealth disparity. People who live below the poverty line often have low levels of education or few skills, meaning it's difficult to break the poverty cycle.

Families living in conditions of poverty may find shelter in informal settlements, such as in slums or on boats. Here they constantly face the threat of relocation, and . In the majority of cases they have no electricity and no source of clean drinking water. 

Children forced to work

When parents cannot earn a decent income, children are often forced to drop out of school because they cannot afford the fees. These children may need to work and earn money to support their family. Children like this work on the streets scavenging for discarded vegetables and other rubbish to sell on, or selling small goods. 

What does SOS Children do in Ho Chi Minh City? 

SOS Nursery School Hai Phong Vietnam

Since 1969, we have been supporting vulnerable families and children in Vietnam's largest city. When a child can no longer live with their family, they can find a loving home in the SOS Children's Village. Here they live in an SOS family and are cared for by an SOS Mother. Each has a "Child Development Plan" which is highlights their individual needs. 

At the SOS Nursery, young children from the neighbourhood receive quality daycare. Older children attend the SOS school, which caters for children at both primary and secondary level. By receiving a quality education from trained teachers, these children have hope for a better future.

For young people taking their first steps towards independence, there is an SOS youth programme. Here they are supported to attend further education or start a vocational training course. 

From nursery to adolescence, we support children and young people in Go Vap, in Ho Chi Minh City. Will you become a child sponsor today, and help these children have a better life?



If youbecome a child sponsor with SOS Children, you can see the difference your contribution makes as your sponsored child grows up.